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News  »  HARTSHILL PARISH COUNCIL has applied to North Warwickshire Borough Council for designation of a Neighbourhood Plan Area under Part 2 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.

   HARTSHILL PARISH COUNCIL has applied to North Warwickshire Borough Council for designation of a Neighbourhood Plan Area under Part 2 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.     16 September, 2014

HARTSHILL PARISH COUNCIL has applied to North Warwickshire Borough Council for designation of a Neighbourhood Plan Area under Part 2 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. 

This application can be viewed here . Alternatively copies of the documents can be viewed at Main Reception, Council Offices, South Street , Atherstone , CV9 1DE , the Borough’s Leisure Centre’s, the “BOB” hubs and at all local libraries 

Any comments on this application should be made  by email to planningpolicy@northwarks.gov.uk or by post to: 
Forward Planning and Economic Strategy
The Council House
South Street 
CV9 1DE  

Comments must be received by Thursday 6th November 2014 

Letter of Consultation - Important information

Residents will be receiving a hand delivered copy of the letter from North Warwickshire Borough Council advising of the intention of the Parish Council to be a designated Neighbourhood Area.

Your letter will be hand delivered by a Parish Councillor or a  member of the Hartshill & District Residents Association.

Copies are also available via the Chairman of the Parish Council, Councillor John Randle at the Community Centre, Church Road.

Alternatively a copy can be downloaded here
Copies are also on display in the Parish Notice Boards at Coleshill Road, The Post Office Church Road, Hartshill Cemetery and The Green

Dear Residents,
You should by now have received a letter from North Warwickshire Borough Council informing you that Hartshill Parish Council is developing a Neighbourhood Plan.
The objective of the plan is to retain the rural identity and characteristics of Hartshill as a village by influencing future developments within the Designated Area of the Parish Boundary.
If you would like to comment or make suggestions on the plan, which will last until 2029, you can contact the Parish Council by using the contact form on this website, by post to
Hartshill Parish Council PO Box 5036 Nuneaton CV11 9FN or call into the Community Centre, Church Road during library opening hours for a chat with Councillor John Randle, Chairman of Hartshill Parish Council. 

Report prepared by Michael Wellock, Kirkwells - The Planning People 


1. This short report sets out the overall aims, key issues and objectives to be addressed in the development of the Hartshill Neighbourhood Development Plan. This follows a work shop session on the 14th October 2014.

Overall aims for the Hartshill Neighbourhood Plan

2. The following aims have been identified for the Hartshill Neighbourhood Plan.

•    The need to preserve Hartshill’s village identity
•    The need to ensure appropriate infrastructure is provided in any future development
•    The need to ensure future development of HAR3 is handled in a way that any impacts on    the existing village are minimised and any benefits maximised
•    The need to ensure that the future planning of the schools sites is handled appropriately should they come forward for redevelopment.
3. To do this a comprehensive mini-local plan type / neighbourhood plan will be prepared covering all the key issues affecting the Parish.

Key issues for the Hartshill Development Plan

4. The following key issues for the Neighbourhood Development Plan were identified in the work shop session (in no particular order of preference);
a) Schools – the issue of what uses could go on the school site should they become available needs to be addressed. This should include examining options for co-location. There is a big issue with school catchment areas;
b) Drainage problems – particularly those arising from land now part of HAR3, should be addressed;
c) Housing;
d) Traffic management issues need to be addressed;
e) A safe network of footpaths and cycle ways should be addressed;
f) Green spaces should be protected;
g) Wildlife should be protected;
h) Development should have appropriate infrastructure in place, and existing infrastructure should be upgraded to take account of the impact of new development;
i) Village green;
j) Car parking issues need to be addressed;
k) The village needs to retain its identity;
l) Type and tenure of new housing needs to be addressed;
m) HAR3 should include buffer zones and be well designed;
n) Sport and recreation facilities should be protected and improved;
o) The need to protect local heritage and history e.g. Hartshill Hayes

Objectives for the Hartshill Neighbourhood Development Plan

5. To tackle these issues a number of initial key objectives were defined for the plan (in no particular order of preference) ;

a) To ensure that HAR3 is developed in a way that minimises impact on the existing community whilst maximising the benefits. We would look to do this by setting out a detailed planning framework in our Neighbourhood Plan.
b) To identify and protect the key green spaces in the Parish.
c) To improve access, car parking and traffic issues at the schools.
d) To ensure new development makes the area better not worse.
e) To create a network of well used footpaths and cycle ways.
f) To ensure infrastructure meets the needs of existing and new development; 
g) To ensure there is the right mix of new homes in terms of type, size and tenure; 
h) To minimise impact of through traffic; 
i) To protect local wild life; 
j) To protect local heritage; 
k) To ensure development is phased appropriately; 
l) To maximise the benefits of any Community Infrastructure Levy collected in the area; 
m) To protect and enhance community facilities; and 
n) To ensure the health and well-being of all.

What happens now?

6. This work will form the basis of the development of the plan.

7. The aim is to create a mini-local plan covering all the key issues identified.

8. The Steering Group will work up a Vision for Hartshill in 2029; under this will sit the objectives identified in paragraph 5 of this report.

9. The Steering Group will consider how they want to handle early engagement with the local community on the Neighbourhood Plan including raising awareness.

10. Based on the objectives above the Steering Group should start to look at the following; 

* Local green spaces worthy of protection; 
* Green spaces that could be improved; 
* Areas of traffic congestions/problems; 
* Local community facilities to be protected and improved; 
* Wildlife areas for protection; 
* Heritage areas and sites for protections, including local sites that may not benefit  from statutory protections
* Things that Community Infrastructure Levy could be spent on

11. Kirkwells will begin to draft an outline of the Neighbourhood Plan into this document, various pieces of information and work undertaken by the Steering Group can be dropped. This will form the basis of the Neighbourhood Plan and will be a working document up to draft plan stage. This outline will be ready by 13th November 2014.

12. The next meeting to discuss this outline draft will be 20th November 2014, 6.30 p.m. at Hartshill Community Centre, Church Road, Hartshill.

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